Wave of Sectors Post COVID-19 Webinars

The Next Wave of Sectors Webinar was organized by the COMESA RIA with the objective to offer a practical training for the member states investment promotion agencies on the sectoral changes post COVID-19, in particular on how the pandemic affected the foreign direct investment (FDI) cycle and how to thrive among such challenges through a world-class FDI promotion practice.
The webinar materials were designed to deliver the following objectives to each participant:
I. Becoming aware of the sectoral changes and how they affect the FDI promotion practices.
II. Getting robust knowledge and analysed information based on practical findings of the sectoral changes.
III. Excelling to position the competitive advantages of the state in front of the relevant companies seeking the state advantages as a business solution for their expansion.
IV. Achieving sustainable economic development through FDI attraction in the member states of COMESA.


Webinar Recording

Wave of Second Post Covid-19 Webinars

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