Zambia, Angola strengthens bilateral ties

Zambia and Angola have signed an addendum to operationalise the Bilateral Trade Agreement that was signed in 2016.

The Agreement will see an enhancement of trade and economic relations between the two countries and ensure some products are traded duty free.

Speaking during a bilateral ministerial meeting held at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Luanda today, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Chipoka Mulenga said the agreement is a game changer.

“Economic and trade relations should be anchored on coexistence among private sector players as vehicles through which poverty eradication and economic growth can be attained,” Mr Mulenga stated.

Mr. Mulenga said there is a need to utilize the natural resources and geographical proximity as vehicles through deeper bilateral economic and trade relations.

He called for redefining policy and legal framework for bilateral trade and economic relations.

Mr Mulenga called for economic transformation which will translate into better lives for the people of the two countries.

And Angolan Minister of Industry and Commerce, Victor Fernandez stated that trade and bilateral cooperation are essential for the sustainable growth of countries.

He said his government recognizes the role that the private sector plays in national and economic development.

Mr. Fernandez added that his government stands ready to improve the trade deficit that exists between Zambia and Angola.

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