TIA develops 39-measure roadmap to boost investment

(TAP) - The Tunisian Investment Authority (TIA) has developed a roadmap 39 measures based on a consultation between the public and private sectors to boost investment in Tunisia. This roadmap will be soon submitted to a Cabinet meeting, it emerged from a national workshop on “Rethinking investment - Reboot.”

Five sectors are prioritised in this document: automotive, aerospace, ICT, pharmaceutical industry and renewable energy, president of the TIA, Mohamed Ouertatani said at the workshop.

He considered it necessary now to take better advantage of opportunities offered in the automotive component sector, especially during this period marked by the exit of several investors from Ukraine. There is a possibility of attracting these investors to Tunisia, especially since the country "has several privileges in relation to human resources, the low cost of production and geographical proximity to Europe," according to the official.

Minister of Economy and Planning, Samir Saied said the five sectors identified are promoting, and the establishment of a partnership between the two public and private sectors will strengthen the added value of several activities.

"The measures designed under the roadmap are mainly on land issues, cash transfers and port traffic. They are based on a rapprochement between academia and private enterprises in addition to simplifying administrative procedures and improving the business climate.

Saied pointed out that his department has launched an inventory to identify the buildings ready to host investors wishing to set up in Tunisia, including those from Ukraine.

He also said several visits are planned to European capitals this week to meet with foreign investors and promote the site Tunisia.

On another level, the Minister indicated that discussions with the IMF are moving forward and that reaching an agreement with the international donor will allow Tunisia to restore its financial balance and boost investment.

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Italian company Calzedonia to install two industrial units in Zriba and Sahline

(TAP) - Italian textile and clothing manufacturer Calzedonia plans to invest in Tunisia by launching, initially, two industrial units in the delegations of Zriba (Zaghouan) and Sahline (Monastir) with an employment capacity of 900 jobs, the Ministry of Economy and Planning said Thursday.

The ministry added that other units will be set up later.

Representative of the company Marco Carletto was received Thursday by Minister of Economy and Planning Samir Saied.

The Minister stressed the importance of Tunisian-Italian cooperation in all areas and this project in particular which will create additional jobs and boost economic activity in many regions and delegations, affirming the willingness of his department to accompany the Italian company in the installation of its units as soon as possible.

For his part, Marco Carletto said that the decision of the Board of Directors of the company to invest in Tunisia was made on the basis of comparative advantages of the country such as skilled labour and proximity to Europe.

The Calzedonia group employs about 40 thousand people worldwide and has more than 5,500 stores in 53 countries.

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Foreign investment in Tunisia up 73 pct in first quarter

Foreign investments in Tunisia rose by 73 percent in the first three months of 2022 compared to the same period a year earlier, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency reported, according to Tunisia’s state news agency.

The European Union said in March it planned to lend 450 million euros ($475 million) to support Tunisia’s budget and said it would invest 4 billion euros in coming years.

The North African country has been seeking international help to support its strained public finances.

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FIPA and Promos Italia ink agreement to boost Italian investments in Tunisia

(TAP)-The Investment in Tunisia (FIPA-Tunisia) and Promos Italia on Monday in Milan, inked a memorandum of understanding to boost the Italian companies' investments in Tunisia, the agency said on Tuesday.

Signed by FIPA Director General Abdelbasset Ghanmi and Promos Italia President Alessandro Gelli at the Milan Chamber of Commerce, this agreement seeks to "establish cooperation between the two structures and devise a joint strategy to improve trade relations between Italy and Tunisia." 

This memorandum will help "maintain a permanent dialogue" aimed at identifying investment fields in both countries, and to encourage the exchange of technical competences and training opportunities.

Alessandro Gelli explained that this agreement is part of the development of the worldwide network of Promos Italia, the Italian Agency for the Internationalisation of Companies, a structure of the Italian Chamber of Commerce system, with strategic markets, underlining that this partnership covers the information, communication, promotion and support to companies fields.

The conclusion of this agreement is motivated by the fact that Tunisia remains an attractive investment destination because of "its geographical closeness, its investment promotion regulations and the low cost of production," according to a Promos Italia press release.

Over 800 Italian companies are established in Tunisia, according to FIPA statistics. They employ more than 60,000 people and account for almost a third of the foreign participation companies.

Trade between Italy and Tunisia in 2021 reached 5.5 billion euros, against 4.5 billion euros in 2020, up by 22%.

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The Italian company Vitalfarco intends to set up shortly a manufacturing plant for hairdressing products in Ben Arous

It will launch its activities during this year, announced its owner Luca Messinese, according to an Invest in Tunisia (FIPA-Tunisia) press release issued Tuesday.

Receiving on Monday FIPA Director General Abdelbasset Ghanmi at the company's headquarters in Milan, Messinese affirmed that the decision to set up in Tunisia had been "obvious " and "amply justified by the geographical closeness of the company and the quality of university training in Tunisia."

This project was supervised by the FIPA Milan office.

Vitalfarco is an Italian company created in 1969 and specialising in the manufacture and distribution of cosmetic products.

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